The Finding Genius Foundation was formed in December 2020 by Richard Jacobs, host of the Finding Genius Podcast.

Interviews with 2,700+ scientists, researchers, clinicians, CEOs, CSOs, entrepreneurs, and amateur scientists showed Richard the commonalities in the pursuit of science and what is necessary to accelerate its progress to help humanity, and all life on earth…

Science that has most or all of the following characteristics of the acronym below (PERSONAL) is the type of science the Finding Genius Foundation is interested in funding & supporting:

Make Science PERSONAL:

  • Politically neutral & censorship-proof
  • Evidence-based & cross-disciplinary
  • Repeatable & independently verifiable
  • Speculative; guided by anthropomorphism
  • Open access, including raw data
  • Nature-based, including bio mimicry
  • Accessible to, understood by, usable, & relevant to laypeople
  • Lifespan / healthspan / quality-of-life enhancing