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Media, peers, and even parents send teen girls dangerously conflicting messages about what it means to look and act just right and to be good, hip, attractive, and desired. Frighteningly, everyday events can start a teen on a downward spiral. The growing rate of depression in teens is alarming, and parents need to understand the difference between “normal adolescent girl angst” and trouble. The Disappearing Girl explores, how to recognize signals OF problem behavior, why silence reflects a girl’s desperate wish for inclusion, how to build self esteem, and the vulnerabilities inherent in dating, friendships, school, and family.

Dr. Machoian also offers guidance for parents and daughters, therapists and teachers, with specific activities each can do to help keep girls from falling into depression. Combining twenty years OF research and conversations with parents, teachers, social workers, therapists, counselors, caregivers, and troubled teens, Dr. Machoian explores teen life and depression and provides essential tools for helping the girls we love.

Dr. Lisa Machoian is an expert on youth mental health. She is the author of The Disappearing Girl: Learning the Language of Teenage depression. For 30 years, she has dedicated her life to helping support and build resilience in youth, families, schools, and programs serving youth. She has lectured and conducted trainings across the United States and Canada on youth depression, anxiety, trauma, suicide prevention, coping, and resilience. Dr. Machoian has been interviewed for various newspapers and magazines and has appeared on NBC, CBS, and ABC on of behalf of teens. Currently, she maintains a virtual and telehealth practice for consultation, therapy for youth, and parenting support; she takes a whole child approach integrating mind, body, heart, and soul. Dr. Machoian earned a doctorate and master’s degree from Harvard University. Shelives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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