Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Getting to the Roots, Commonalities, and Ways to Take the Edge Off

Generalized anxiety can feel like it’s about anything and everything, almost all the time. Whether it’s mild but constant, or intense to the point that some days you can hardly function, it can feel like a nebulous dark cloud that’s impossible to overcome because it’s impossible to truly understand....Read More

Highly Anxious or Depressed? Eat a Snack — But Avoid (Most of the) Sugar to Avoid the Crash

Hypoglycemia can lead to a long list of symptoms, including fatigue, memory loss, heightened anxiety, and irritability....Read More

Quick, Easy, Effective: Using Your Senses to Take the Edge Off Anxiety and Depression

The five senses exercise isn’t meant as a cure for anxiety or depression or anything else, but it can be a powerful tool that we can all use at almost any time....Read More

The Anxiety and Depression AI-Powered Guide by Finding Genius Foundation

Meet Samwise: An AI-powered guide designed to bring nearly all possible treatments for anxiety and depression into one place...Read More

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