Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Getting to the Roots, Commonalities, and Ways to Take the Edge Off

Generalized anxiety can feel like it’s about anything and everything, almost all the time. Whether it’s mild but constant, or intense to the point that some days you can hardly function, it can feel like a nebulous dark cloud that’s impossible to overcome because it’s impossible to truly understand.

But what if you could figure out the events that set it off or made it worse? Better yet, what if you could identify the commonalities among those events?

It wouldn’t “cure” you of it, but it might take the edge off. Once you make some sense of what you’re feeling, you may be able to more easily think it through, reflect on your emotions, and move forward instead of letting it hold you down.

Tune in to learn some simple strategies for getting to the root causes and commonalities of your generalized anxiety, and learn more about our ongoing project on anxiety and depression at

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