To help heal the world – by uncovering true breakthrough insights in the science of health and wellness, so that
we can make them accessible to the everyday normal people who need them the most.

We do this through:

  • Finding geniuses – i.e. the “top-1%’ers” who, we believe, are working toward a major scientific breakthrough
  • Funding their work – especially in fields that are shunned by academia and Big Pharma, due to funding politics
  • Publishing their insights – in a way that is accessible to the lay person, and not just academics or scientists
  • Promoting scientists – so their work gets the public attention and visibility it deserves

We envision a world where those who suffer from a given medical condition are no longer kept in the dark by the
shortcomings of our medical-industrial complex – where every man and woman has access to all the world’s scientific
knowledge on their or a loved-one’s condition, presented in a way that is easy to understand, evaluate, and apply.

In short, a world where lifesaving or life-enhancing knowledge is available to us all.

Interested in Supporting Our Work?

Donations of any amount are always gratefully received and, for most of our friends, this is the most effective
way for them to get behind our mission. However, there are several other ways to give as well.

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