Imagine if there was an “instruction manual” for anxiety and
depression. An interactive road map for understanding, living with,
and treating these two related conditions. Based on all the known
scientific knowledge in the world. Curated by independent experts.
For the normal everyday people who need it the most

Such a resource doesn’t exist. At least not yet.

We are creating it.

CODEX is a new online platform that taps into the collective genius of
the most elite practitioners in the field of mental health, and puts their
insights into the hands of everyday normal folks who need them.

Insights that could empower them to live a normal, healthy, and
functional life – or act as a more informed pillar of support for someone
they love who is struggling with these dreadful conditions.

We can’t create this game-changing resource alone.

Our work is backed by donations from visionary philanthropic investors
who understand the power of independent knowledge, are frustrated
that more isn’t being done about the looming mental health crisis in
America, and are determined to help turn the tide of this battle.

Are you too interested in joining the fight?

If so, request a copy of our case statement for more details.

Download Case Statement

Case Statement Report
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