Running For Depression, Not From It—Insights from the Making of CODEX

Even when it's the last thing she wants to do, Nita Sweeney has taught herself to exercise every day....Read More

When Life is a Series of Bad Episodes—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Even a really bad TV series will probably have some good episodes sprinkled in with the really bad ones....Read More

Three Facets of the Mental Health Picture—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Some people might suffer from a lot of depression and just a little anxiety and PTSD. Others might suffer primarily from PTSD and just some depression and anxiety...Read More

When Your Emotions Become Exposed Nerves—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Whether acute or chronic, anxiety and depression have a way of magnifying our emotions, making them feel more raw and real than they otherwise would....Read More

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