When Your Emotions Become Exposed Nerves—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Whether acute or chronic, anxiety and depression have a way of magnifying our emotions, making them feel more raw and real than they otherwise would....Read More

The Pervasiveness of Moral Injury—Insights From the Making of CODEX

What happens when a person is forced to do something that goes against their morals and ethics?...Read More

The Internal War of Anxiety and Depression—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Spies, propaganda, demoralization campaigns, corruption of communications: the hallmarks of war exist...Read More

Voices of the Anxious or Depressed Mind—Insights From the Making of CODEX

Ever hear these words in your own mind? Ever hear them so loudly that they drown out the voices on the outside—the ones trying to tell you otherwise?...Read More

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