Nasha Winters

Physician, Author

I started naturopathic medical school five years after receiving my terminal diagnosis of cancer. It offered me a safe haven to explore the basic sciences, nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, intravenous protocols, laboratory assessments, mind-body healing, and homeopathy. Because of my own health issues, I applied everything I was learning to myself before trying it with patients.

During school, I vowed that I would never work with cancer patients. But within my first few months in private practice, I was blessed with the opportunity to support a cancer patient in miraculous ways. My career had chosen me.

From my work with thousands of cancer patients over the years, I have learned that there is no magic pill. Cancer is not a single disease and has no single cure. We need to listen deeply to the cells of the body (with labs, molecular profiling, tissue assays, epigenetic testing, and more). We need to metabolically support the body’s terrain (with oxidative therapy, therapeutic diet, stress reduction, and other therapies). When we do these things—the body can survive and thrive.

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