Shortly after the novel Corona virus outbreak began, starting May 2020, Richard began to fund a COVID-19 study with Doctor Richard Allen White, III, owner of Raw Molecular Systems. Funding will continue throughout 2021 via the Founding Genius Foundation.

This study will analyze the stool and saliva of 70+ individuals affected by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) to look for patterns in their microbiomes, genetic abnormalities such as SNPs, and more.

Collection and extraction of the samples was finished in early January 2021. Preliminary analysis will be ready by March 2021. If significant results are found, the study will be sent for publication and a grant application may be made to commercialize any positive, useful, actionable results found.

To support further research surrounding COVID-19, email us to discuss your ideas, goals, and possible donation: support@findinggeniusfoundation.org

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