Diabetes affects over 500 million people worldwide. If prediabetes and comorbidities due to diabetes are included, these conditions debilitate and sicken over 1 billion people worldwide. Unfortunately, diabetes is expected to grow at a fast pace for the foreseeable future and is straining healthcare systems worldwide to their breaking points.

Alzheimer’s and other brain-diseases that cause various forms of dementia are also on the rise, and affect millions of people worldwide.

Lasting Longevity has been granted funding from The Finding Genius Foundation, scheduled to start early 2021, to develop:

  1. An app-based system for people suffering from prediabetes, diabetes (types I & II), and diabetes with comorbidities. A critical feature of the app is to make it easy for users to log their food, medicine and supplement intake, as well as monitor their sleep and how they feel, both mentally and physically, before and after meals. Another important feature allows users to choose accountability partners to help them comply with their treatment plans. Another feature facilitates encrypted, HIPAA compliant communication of all tracked data with a user’s healthcare provider and doctor(s).
  2. An app-based system for caretakers of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. This system is similar in action and ease-of-use to the Diabetes Prevention System app as described above, although all parameters and interpretation of results will be geared towards helping care givers of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases to help afflicted people minimize their complications form their disease, and possibly improve their cognitive function and quality of life.

To support further research on these topics, email us to discuss your ideas, goals, and possible donation: support@findinggeniusfoundation.org

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