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Eugene Koonin, Denis Noble, Forest Rohwer
and 21 other co-authors

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What would you discover if you interviewed over 100 virologists and harvested the most difficult questions they strained to answer, then you re-interviewed the top 25 and asked them the most difficult questions that most virologists had no answers to?

That is EXACTLY what led to the creation of this book. Unlike any other book on viruses you’ve read (or are going to read), the format of this book is: tough question#1, followed by 4 or 5 top virologists’ answers; then Tough question#2 through 30, each with multiple experts’ answers.

I challenge you to read this book, answer the questions yourself, and make this book obsolete and outdated. It’s unlikely anyone is going to do so in the next 5, 10 or even 20 years.

In this book, you’ll discover questions surrounding:

  • Why some viruses ‘go quiet’ or lay dormant for years, only to suddenly sicken you
  • When viruses first appeared in nature, and which organisms appear to be unaffected by them
  • How viruses use their cellular hosts to communicate with other infected cells and coordinate viral action
  • Why some viruses become less virulent over many infection cycles
  • Whether viruses are truly alive, and what this means for virology now and in the future

Note: after purchasing this book, you’ll have an opportunity to access full-interview transcripts of all virologists, and access to the original, full-length interviews in audio format.

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