Utilizing the 2,700+ interviews from the Finding Genius Podcast, a series of deep-dive topics have been identified. Richard amasses a series of challenging questions and asks a series of top-level professionals (“geniuses”) in a given field.

The resulting book is a compilation of the answers of 25-50 genius professionals in their field and is widely published. The goal of publishing these co-authored genius-level books is to inspire professionals and amateurs alike to ponder the answers to the questions asked, and to find solutions to the questions that will advance the state of the art in that field.

Because of the difficulty of the questions asked, a secondary goal of each book is to stay relevant for 10-20 years’ hence, not to be outdated and obsolete within 1 year.

The first deep-dive topic, Understanding Viruses, is scheduled for launch on January 26th, 2021 and will be available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.

You can pre-order or order by visiting www.FindingGeniusFoundation.org/publications

FGF’s goal is to produce and publish 3 books in 2021, and 3 each year thereafter.

Future titles will cover: cancer, climate change, vaccine development, evolutionary biology, environmental insults such as microplastics, and more.

Feel free to email support@findinggeniusfoundation.org with ideas for more titles.

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