The Finding Genius Foundation (FGF) works with interdisciplinary experts worldwide, and funds scientific initiatives to manage, slow, stop (or even reverse) the worlds’ most prevalent causes of disease, death, and shortened health and life spans.

Scientific endeavors promoted and funded by FGF must embody most (or all) of our core values:

Make Science PERSONAL:

  • Politically neutral & censorship-proof
  • Evidence-based & cross-disciplinary
  • Repeatable & independently verifiable
  • Speculative; guided by anthropomorphism
  • Open access, including raw data
  • Nature-based, including biomimicry
  • Accessible to, understood by, usable, & relevant to laypeople
  • Lifespan / health span / quality-of-life enhancing

To foster and fund PERSONAL science that helps to manage, slow, mitigate, stop or even reverse diseases that disable, then kill millions worldwide:

  • Cancers, which affect 50% of men and 33% of women worldwide (kills 600,000+ people a year)
  • Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, and their death-accelerating co-morbidities, affecting 500 million people+ worldwide (and growing fast); (1.6 million die each year) (according to the World Health Organization)
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s & other neuro-degenerative diseases (50 million cases; 2 million annual deaths)
  • Heart Disease and Stroke (48% of Americans have cardiovascular disease) (15 million annual deaths worldwide)

The total devastation of these conditions equates to ~20 million deaths worldwide, each year, and approximately 1 billion people negatively affected.

By funding and fostering PERSONAL scientific initiatives that utilize multi-disciplinary teams, multi-source research / commercialization methods, and open disclosure of data and results, science professionals, amateurs, and people affected by these conditions will be helped.

Managing chronic conditions is not enough. FGF believes that the world’s most impactful diseases and conditions can be managed, mitigated, slowed, stopped, or even reversed if the right science is funded… PERSONAL science.