The Finding Genius Podcast

The Finding Genius Podcast was started in 2016 by Richard Jacobs, current host, and founder of the Finding Genius Foundation. This project was self-funded by Richard from October 2016 to December 2020, when it became a part of the Finding Genius Foundation.

Over 2,700+ interviews have been conducted in the following fields (and more): 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Climate Change, Vaccines, Cancer, Ketogenic Diets, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Microplastics, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etal), Extracellular Vesicles, Evolutionary Biology, Liver, Kidney, Heart, and Xeno Transplants, Plant Bacteria and Animal Viruses, Microbiome, Parasites, Swarm Insects (ants, bees, wasps), etal.

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The podcast earns over 100,000 downloads monthly and reaches audiences worldwide.

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The Finding Genius Expert, Deep-Dive Book Series

Utilizing the 2,700+ interviews from the Finding Genius Podcast, a series of deep-dive topics have been identified. Richard amasses a series of challenging questions and asks a series of top-level professionals (“geniuses”) in a given field.

The resulting book is a compilation of the answers of 25-50 genius professionals in their field and is widely published. The goal of publishing these co-authored genius-level books is to inspire professionals and amateurs alike to ponder the answers to the questions asked, and to find solutions to the questions that will advance the state of the art in that field.

Because of the difficulty of the questions asked, a secondary goal of each book is to stay relevant for 10-20 years’ hence, not to be outdated and obsolete within 1 year.

The first deep-dive topic, Understanding Viruses, is scheduled for launch on January 26th, 2021 and will be available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible.

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FGF’s goal is to produce and publish 3 books in 2021, and 3 each year thereafter.

Future titles will cover: cancer, climate change, vaccine development, evolutionary biology, environmental insults such as microplastics, and more.

Feel free to email with ideas for more titles.

COVID-19 Research

Shortly after the novel Corona virus outbreak began, starting May 2020, Richard began to fund a COVID-19 study with Doctor Richard Allen White, III, owner of Raw Molecular Systems. Funding will continue throughout 2021 via the Founding Genius Foundation.

This study will analyze the stool and saliva of 70+ individuals affected by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) to look for patterns in their microbiomes, genetic abnormalities such as SNPs, and more.

Collection and extraction of the samples was finished in early January 2021. Preliminary analysis will be ready by March 2021. If significant results are found, the study will be sent for publication and a grant application may be made to commercialize any positive, useful, actionable results found.

To support further research surrounding COVID-19, email us to discuss your ideas, goals, and possible donation:

N-space, Bioelectric Fields, Morphology and Development Research

First postulated by William B. Miller, Jr, a retired medical doctor and evolutionary biologist, n-space is an informational matrix that is accessed by all living organisms, providing them with non-genetic information and abilities that facilitate cellular life.

Professor Michael Levin of Tufts University studies non-genetic, cellular bioelectric-based signaling that determines cancer tumor inception, growth and proliferation, as well as patterning of biological features such as limbs, heads and tails of Axolotls, Xenopus frogs, Planaria, and other organisms.

Finding Genius Foundation is preparing to fund Tufts University with a grant to foster Professor Michael Levin’s research into morphogenetic fields, bio patterning, and how and if n-space plays a role in this non-genetic driven development (beyond embryogenesis – patterning that happens in adult organisms).

To support further research on these topics, email us to discuss your ideas, goals, and possible donation:

Diabetes Prevention & Alzheimer’s Management Systems

Diabetes affects over 500 million people worldwide. If prediabetes and comorbidities due to diabetes are included, these conditions debilitate and sicken over 1 billion people worldwide. Unfortunately, diabetes is expected to grow at a fast pace for the foreseeable future and is straining healthcare systems worldwide to their breaking points.

Alzheimer’s and other brain-diseases that cause various forms of dementia are also on the rise, and affect millions of people worldwide.

Lasting Longevity has been granted funding from The Finding Genius Foundation, scheduled to start early 2021, to develop:

  1. An app-based system for people suffering from prediabetes, diabetes (types I & II), and diabetes with comorbidities. A critical feature of the app is to make it easy for users to log their food, medicine and supplement intake, as well as monitor their sleep and how they feel, both mentally and physically, before and after meals. Another important feature allows users to choose accountability partners to help them comply with their treatment plans. Another feature facilitates encrypted, HIPAA compliant communication of all tracked data with a user’s healthcare provider and doctor(s).
  2. An app-based system for caretakers of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. This system is similar in action and ease-of-use to the Diabetes Prevention System app as described above, although all parameters and interpretation of results will be geared towards helping care givers of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases to help afflicted people minimize their complications form their disease, and possibly improve their cognitive function and quality of life.

To support further research on these topics, email us to discuss your ideas, goals, and possible donation:

High Blood Pressure – Complete Overview of Available Treatments, Scientific Papers, Clinical Applications, Available Drugs, and Alternative Treatments

The Finding Genius Foundation is seeking donations through the end of 2021 to help fund a small team of medical and science researchers and writers to research, compile and curate the majority of knowledge surrounding high blood pressure (called a ‘silent killer’ and an accelerant to kidney and heart disease).

The funding goal for this effort is $200,000 USD, which will pay for several researchers and writers to investigate some of the following sources:

  • Read, digest, and summarize findings from 300 – 500 related, scientific, peer-reviewed published papers
  • Read, digest, and summarize findings from relevant pre-print scientific papers
  • Interview 30 clinicians who care for people with high blood pressure to understand clinical treatments, including commonly used drugs to lower high blood pressure and mitigate other, related negative health outcomes
  • Interview 50+ researchers involved in understanding, treating, preventing, and slowing the negative effects of high blood pressure and associated comorbidities
  • Read, digest, and summarize findings from non-traditional, alternative medicine publications, clinicians and researchers

Once all of this research and compiling of information is done, the entire subject matter will be curated for both amateurs and again for science professionals and clinicians who will benefit from a body of knowledge that few have time to accumulate, digest and curate.

For amateurs and people affected by high blood pressure, this curated body of information will allow them, in concert with their doctors, to get their questions answered, to find appropriate medical treatments or other interventions, and to mitigate, slow, stop or even reverse their high blood pressure and knock on effects due to it.

The Finding Genius Foundation needs YOUR support and donations to fund this effort. To find out more how you can support this research effort, contact us: